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A virtual private network (Virtual Private Network) is a private network that extends, through an encapsulation process and in some cases encryption, from data packets to different remote points.

The data packets of the private network travel through a defined tunnel in the public network.

A cluster of high availability is a set of two or more machines that are characterized by maintaining a series of shared services and by constantly monitoring each other.

A Load Balancer is basically a hardware or software device that puts itself in front of a set of servers that serve an application and, as the name indicates, it assigns or balances the requests that arrive from the clients to the servers using some algorithm (from a simple round-robin to more sophisticated algorithms). It is a method to distribute the workload in several separate computers or grouped in a cluster.

Mail is an application that contains very confidential information for some companies. Therefore, its location or management should not be in the hands of third parties and much less share resources with other companies. Kerberos Network Solutions offers its clients the possibility of having their own mail server in a secure environment defined and self-managed by it. This service is often complemented with our Antispam / Antivirus systems.

At Kerberos Network Solutions we actively collaborate with Optisitem in the implementation of Asterisk VoIP PBXs, communications encryption to strengthen the SIP protocol and ensure communication between sites. As well as in the encryption of data between the switchboard, telephones, softphones and smartphones.

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