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We offer our customers the migration process from Operating Systems and proprietary applications to open source solutions. The process includes a previous cost study where the economic impact of migration is assessed.



Migration of DHCP and DNS services to Linux BIND / DHCPD.

NT Domain / Active Directory

Migration of directory and authentication services Windows NT, Active Directory to Linux Samba / OpenLDAP.

MS Files Servers

Migration of MS File Service to Linux Samba

Servers Printing

Migration of Windows printing services to Linux CUPS / Samba

MS Exchange

Migration of MS Exchage mail servers to Linux Postfix / Sendmail / Zimbra

IIS web

Migrating IIS web servers to Linux Apache / Tomcat

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Support and remote administration of Linux servers. Comprehensive maintenance of the computer park of offices and companies (routers, PCs, firewalls, networks, etc ...)

Repair of Servers and PCs. Recovery of data from disks, cleaning of viruses, slowness of processing of the Operating System. Expansions of memory and disk. Problems of starting the equipment and errors of operation, etc ...

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We implement software that provides a great versatility to consult practically any parameter of interest of a system.

When these parameters exceed the margins defined by the administrator, generates alerts that can be received by the corresponding responsible by email, SMS, or other means.

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We currently manage the day to day of more than a hundred servers and appliances, both physical and virtualized. These are some of the services we currently offer our clients:


Support and administration, both remote and face-to-face of Linux / Unix / BSD servers.

Management of perimeter protection systems, firewalls, proxies, etc.


Update of operating systems, kernels and Open Source software versions.

IPSec and SSL VPNs solutions for business management.

Installation and configuration of new hardware.

VoIP control units on Asterisk.

Technical consultancy.

Security planning pre-audits and ISOS.

Documentation of configurations and topographies of the systems.

Clouds Openstack.

Problem resolution.

Optimal configuration of the systems.

Implementation of Disaster Recovery Plans (PRD).

Elimination of viruses and malware in CMS type WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop, etc ...

Elimination of viruses and malware in virtual and dedicated servers

Implementation of Quality of Service (QoS) in communications.

Servers in High Availability.

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Internal security audit:

This type of audit is the level of security and privacy of local and corporate networks of internal character

Perimeter security audit:

In this type of analysis, the perimeter of the local network or companies is the study and the degree of security offered in the external entrances is analyzed.

Intrusion test:

The intrusion test is an audit method by which you try to access the systems, to obtain the level of resistance to unwanted intrusion. It is a fundamental complement for the perimeter audit.

Forensic analysis:

The forensic analysis is an ideal study methodology for the subsequent analysis of incidents, by means of which it is a question of reconstructing how the system has been penetrated, and also to assess the damages caused. If the damage has caused the inoperability of the system, the analysis is called postmortem analysis.