At Kerberos Network Solutions we actively collaborate with Optisitem in the implementation of Asterisk VoIP PBXs, communications encryption to strengthen the SIP protocol and ensure communication between sites. As well as in the encryption of data between the switchboard, telephones, softphones and smartphones.

Asterisk was created in 1999 by Mark Spencer of the company Digium and donated to the community with a free license after which many collaborations and improvements have been received from many free developers and companies without requesting anything in return.

Little by little, this application has become the evolution of traditional analog and digital switchboards also allowing integration with the most current technology: VoIP. Asterisk thus becomes the best, most complete, advanced and economic communication system existing today.

Another incentive is its ability to be programmed, allowing work to be carried out to this day making extremely expensive and complicated systems and, thanks to Asterisk, this work is done in a more economic way which encourages the use of free systems like Linux and open standards like SIP, H323 or IAX.

One of the most interesting advantages is its possibility as a hybrid system, since it allows to manage traditional telephone communications (analog, digital, mobile, ...) as IP communications through the use of standard VoIP protocols.

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