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For most people, following the basic rules of Internet security, using unique and secure passwords, keeping the system up-to-date, using a firewall, avoiding clicking on things you are not sure of, will be a reasonable defense against hackers. and the malware. But sometimes preventive medicine is not good enough and you need more specialized tools to treat your infection.

Maintaining the network is a fundamental part of progress as a hacker. Intrusions can come at any time, and in many ways, making the defense against you a constant challenge.

A firewall or firewall is a device that acts in the first line of defense against any incoming attack or misuse of our network. It can deflect or soften the effect of many types of attacks and protect our internal servers and workstations from the internet.

The least known and rarely advertised secret in some firewalls is that they are covered by freeware software.

A content filter is a program designed to control what content is allowed to be displayed, especially to restrict access to certain Web materials.

The content filter determines what content will be available on a particular machine or network.

Integrated hardware and software solution that provides total protection for email servers. A solution that allows to eliminate viruses and unwanted emails in organizations through the following protections.

IP or CCTV surveillance systems. Real-time viewing from a computer, a television or even a mobile phone. The images are recorded entirely or by motion sensor in digital format, and can be downloaded, deleted or processed remotely. Color cameras, B / W, audio, night vision, vandal and hidden.

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