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The security audit involves comparing the security policies of a company with what is really happening. The objective of the security audit is to validate that security controls exist, generally using a risk-based approach. Auditing often involves reviewing business processes and, in many cases, may not be very technical. Not all audits are high level, but most are quite simplistic.

On the contrary, ethical hacking focuses on the vulnerabilities that can be exploited. Validate that security controls do not exist or are ineffective at best. Ethical hacking can be highly technical and non-technical, and although you use a formal methodology, it tends to be a bit less structured than formal audit.


If you continue the audit in your organization, you might consider integrating ethical hacking techniques into your IT audit program. They complement each other very well.

We currently manage the day to day of more than a hundred servers and appliances, both physical and virtualized. Here we show you some of the services that we currently offer to our clients.

We implement software that provides a great versatility to consult practically any parameter of interest of a system.

When these parameters exceed the margins defined by the administrator, generates alerts that can be received by the corresponding responsible by email, SMS, or other means.

Support and remote administration of Linux servers. Comprehensive maintenance of the computer park of offices and companies (routers, PCs, firewalls, networks, etc ...)

Repair of Servers and PCs. Recovery of data from disks, cleaning of viruses, slowness of processing of the Operating System. Expansions of memory and disk. Problems of starting the equipment and errors of operation, etc ...

We offer our customers the migration process from Operating Systems and proprietary applications to open source solutions. The process includes a previous cost study where the economic impact of migration is assessed.

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